The restless unhappiness of our generation can be quelled with a book like this, an invitation to turn off the phone, take less selfies, close the apps, and open our calendar to Jesus, the one who gives unconditional love and acceptance. No dating app can offer that... This book does. You will go for a second date, I promise.
~Dr. Lisa Kotasek, Theology Teacher & Coach, Cardinal Mooney High School, Sarasota, FL

Dates with Jesus provides refreshingly simply ways to welcome Him into your daily lifestyle naturally, as you share your own interests, hobbies, and talents with a faithful companion and best friend. This book reads like a recipe book full of delicious ideas that actually make you excited about preparing a beautiful meal to share with the lover of your soul! The ideas in this lavishly practical book will surely make Jesus just as enthusiastic to come and share such special times with you!
~Theresa Burke, Ph.D, Author and Founder of Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats, Grief to Grace Retreats, & Duty to Heal Retreats

Kelly has done an amazing job with thoughtful insights and practical suggestions on growing in a real relationship with the Lord.
~Fr. Dave Richards, Pastor, Diocese of Buffalo, NY

Dates with Jesus will help young women exchange their loneliness for solitude with Jesus, which is romantic. It will help young women to see that God is never outdone in generosity. And it will help them exchange restlessness for infinite restfulness in God’s presence. It will help them find the relationship with God that they never knew possible or that they thought they had lost.
~Sister Rita Clare, T.O.R., Campus Minister, Florida State University

Dates with Jesus is not just a resource, but an invitation to creatively spend time with our Lord. Kelly unites her imaginative way of encountering the world with her spiritual creativity that forms a literal buffet of ways to spend time with Jesus. Our Lord wants to spend time with us, and Kelly has opened the floodgates of ideas to allow this to intentionally and consistently happen.
~Christopher Rogers, Diocese of LaCrosse, Director of the Office for Family Life, LaCrosse, WI